Resolution | noun |  the action of solving a problem,  let's work together for the successful resolution of your legal issues.

Solving problems take the courage to act and a great team to help you achieve your Goals.  Add our Lawyers to your team and let us resolve your problems.

Serious Injuries require Serious Actions! 

Our team of Lawyers remain focus on maximizing your case so that you can focus on your health.  ​

Our Commitments are:​

  • Maximizing Your Case
  • No Results | No Fees
  • Always In Contact 
  • Aggressive Representation

IRS Problems Resolved - Learn how we can help. 

Tax Problems are not going go to go away unless you take action.  We make it simple to to deal with the IRS

Learn about:

  • Getting a Fresh Start
  • Facts and Fictions of an Offer in Compromise
  • How to Remove a Tax Lien
  • What solutions are available to deal with the IRS

ICE: Take immediate action protect your Family 

​Immigration Petitions are under Increased Scrutiny. Enforcement actions are on the rise. It is time to act.

Our Commitments are:​

  • Review your options
  • Accurately file your petitions
  • Guide you through the entire process

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